Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stenger Commits to Skepticon II

Skepticon II has just acquired physicist Dr. Victor J. Stenger, author of the NY Times bestseller God: The Failed Hypothesis, as well as Quantum Gods: Creation, Chaos, and the Search for Cosmic Consciousness, and The Comprehensible Comos, amongst many, many others.

Stenger will be giving a presentation on how the scientific evidence points most strongly to atheism.

This makes our current line up PZ Myers, Richard Carrier, Rebecca Watson (you can read my exchange with her here), Dan Barker, DJ Grothe, Joe Nickell, Victor J. Stenger, Mark Richter, and myself. I'm currently going after three other speakers: one big name and two smalls.

I'm also in the process of arranging a debate focusing on the question, "Does god exist?" I have some bites there, but nothing solidified.

Things you should do:

  1. Confirm your attendence on the Skepticon II event page. (And invite all your friends!)
  2. Add Skepticon as a friend on facebook.
  3. Join the Skepticon II cause on facebook.
  4. Join the MSU Chapter of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on facebook.
Also, help get the word out. Blog about it, tell your friends, etc. The fundraising machine also goes into full swing in mid-August, and you can bet I'll be blogging it.

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