Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thanks PZ!

PZ mentioned us on Pharyngula and kindly asked folks to pitch in. Thanks PZ!

As I wrote before...

We live in an area with over 340 in-town churches. James River Assembly has both a Starbucks and an ATM inside. Suffice that dredging up money for an event like this locally is not the easiest thing to do. Imagine walking into a local business and saying, "Hi. We're inviting a bunch of famous atheists to Springfield to criticize religion and explain how it's very dangerous. If you give us a donation, we'll put your business's name on the flyer." Yeah...

So we need help from everybody. We want five of your dollars. That's it, five. Let's imagine that we wanted to raise $5,000 to pull this off...I think it will be easier finding 1,000 people to donate $5 than five people to donate $1,000. Most people have five bucks to spare. Of course, you can send us more if you feel so moved.

You can either send it to via paypal, or click the shiny button below.

It's very true! My university has shown some reticence to giving us full funding for this, so we will need some outside assistance. Make it happen! This are really needs this kind of event.

Thanks everybody!


  1. Hahahaha!!!

    Atheists asking for donations!

    Just like fundies!

    (Wait a minute, you ARE fundies! Just on the other side! LOL!)

  2. Hey, did you know atheism is not science?

    I mean, I know Dawkins and gang like to pretend it is, but it is not falsifiable.

    Go ahead, give me an least in principle...that could falsify atheism.

  3. Tell me Goldstein, how exactly is one a "fundie" atheist? If atheism is non belief, does that claim not refute itself? False wit.

    And in response to your first post, atheism could be falsified in numerous ways: direct manifestation of God, undeniable miracle, or the rapture.

    All these things would make unbelief no longer a supportable position. No big, seeing as how they never have happened, nor will they ever.

    And, once again, think for a moment here. You knock atheism for not being falsifiable. After I have proved you wrong, please realize that your reasoning actually applies to religion.

    You're clearly an idiot. Ummm, stay away from the event? Please?

  4. Better yet, protest us!

    That would be pretty awesome. I've always wanted to be protested, please make my dreams come true!

  5. Hi.

    I'm willing to give you five of my bucks, but can you do cash? Or checks?

  6. Ah. I probably should have said, I live here in Springfield, so admonitions concerning the Post Office and cash in envelopes need not apply.

  7. Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

    Ooookay. Assuming that you ARE still interested in my five bucks, do you plan to have a donations can? I don't do PayPal, and have no credit card; it's cash or check. Or nothing. I would prefer it not to be nothing.